About Us

How it really was

The Azbuka band was formed in Saint Petersburg as Natasha Tsereteli (vocals) and Dmitry Fedorov (composer) had met in a musical college. After doing few performances together Dmitry asked Natasha to join a new band, with music of his own and lyrics by Anna Papushina, a poet from Petersburg.
Natasha was born on the Sakhalin Island. She started to sing and play piano at six and at sixteen moved to Moscow to study and work. Looking for new ideas and inspiration, she has moved to Saint Petersburg.
Dmitry Fedorov is a musician, founder of the Soundscript 33 band. As a composer and arranger he was a part of many projects and events, among them the Zheleznye zvezdy («Kolibri» band) album. He is a music director of several performances successfully staging in Saint Petersburg theaters, including «Квартирник. ХХвост всему голова»​ at the Liteiny theater.
Anna Papushina is a lyricist, she was also a member of the Ping-Pong band. With a long friendship and creative cooperation between them, Anna and Dmitry have worked on many songs together, including Ping-Pong, theater and cinema projects.