About Us

How it really was

The Azbuka group was formed in St. Petersburg in 2019 as a result of a meeting between vocalist Natasha Tsereteli and musician Dmitry Fedorov at a St. Petersburg College of Music. Having performed several songs together, Dmitry made an offer to Natalya that she could not refuse — to take part in the creation of a new concert group whose musical material was songs written by Dmitry. The author of the texts was Petersburg poetess Anna Papushina. And it so happened that the move from Moscow to Petersburg was crowned with the successful creation of a new group.
Natasha Tsereteli is from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and has lived and worked in Moscow for the past few years. Multifaceted interests and an active creative search brought Natasha to St. Petersburg. The search for like-minded people successfully led to a collaboration with Dmitry Fedorov, a baritone saxophone and keyboard player in the Soundscript 33 and «Kolibri» groups. He is the author of music and arrangements for many albums, including the «Железные звезды» album (Kolibri). Under his musical direction, Petersburg hosts several musical performances, including «Квартирник. Хвост всему голова» in the Theater «On Liteiny» He is the author of arrangements and music for this performance.
Lyricist Anna Papushina is a member of the Ping-Pong group. Dmitry has many years of creative work and friendship. The fruits of their joint work were many songs for the Ping Pong group and for theater and cinema.